Common Misconceptions Regarding Male Masturbation: Discovering Facts from False

The males are regarded as feral species especially when we mention about their sexual fantasies. In fact, men stimulate more as compared to women do. Self-pleasure intrinsically is a natural phenomenon that satiates the urges of human and has become part of our existence. It palliates the sexual convulsion within, which increases over a period of time.

Escorts in Melbourne AustraliaMasturbation commonly occurs during nocturnal time. Males secrete semen and so on accumulates that it needs to be ejaculated to make room for more. When this happens, this results to discharges during sleeping time and commonly called wet dreams.

It can’t be help that when discussing about masturbation, some individuals can’t refrain associating it with myths. They might mull over that when a guy every so often masturbates, this causes his penis to get big. Moreover, there’s a pathetic idea thinking that a man who masturbates causes their penises to halt from growing and shrinking of their balls.

Anyway, this article will enlist all the common misconceptions about male masturbation with corresponding truths. This will bring out the bald truth so that it won’t spark perplexity to the minds of concerned males.

Common Misconceptions about Male Masturbation

1. The homos are known for being the ones who masturbates exclusively.

FACT: A big and bizarre thought to consider. There is a stage for both men and women included that they initiate on taking delight to self-pleasure. Boys in their puberty stage start to explore their sexual side.

2. Only the lonely dare to masturbate.

FACT: A make believe statement where in actuality everyone does masturbate. Even couples do masturbate each other.

3. Men who have been masturbating may have hair loss, fatigue, bad eyesight and nervousness.

FACT: There are no known studies that masturbation causes these effects.

4. Men that frequently masturbate can experience semen shortage.

FACT: This is yet another false idea which is really strange. Men can yield about 1 – 2 teaspoons of semen per minute.

5. Male masturbation can cause sexually transmitted disease.

FACT: This is of course, pondered false. No reported studies that associates masturbation which cause or transmitting sexual transmitted disease..

Now that you’ve known these typical misconceptions concerning male masturbation, better forget them. Truthfully, masturbation is healthy that it brings about our own sexual awareness.

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